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The yard


There is hardly any other shipyard in the world that has been able to build up a comparably good reputation in terms of reliability, quality, ease of handling and safety as AMEL has in recent years. The key to this success lies in a very consistent product and quality policy that runs through all areas of development and production of our yachts. Thus, the focus of AMEL's philosophy is not cost minimization, but the desire for maximum customer satisfaction. The result is yachts of the highest perfection and quality, as well as an almost legendary after-sales service!


To give you a better understanding of the special features of our shipyard and our yachts, we recommend that you visit us on the French Atlantic coast in La Rochelle. In addition to a detailed tour of the shipyard, we will be happy to take you on a test sail on this occasion. This is also possible at any time at our Mediterranean office in the South of France.



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