Amel remains true to its philosophy! While other shipyards are building bigger and bigger yachts, AMEL wants to continue building yachts for ambitious sailors who want to be underway with the smallest crew - regardless of whether in home waters or in high northern and southern latitudes! So the AMEL 50 has all the features that make a real AMEL:


  • Maximum safety
  • Easy handling
  • Multiple watertight collision bulkheads
  • Protected steering position and covered cockpit
  • Excellent seakeeping, even in heavy weather conditions
  • Maximum comfort
  • Central and easy access to all systems
  • Plenty of storage space on and below deck
  • Fixed railing
  • and much more …


Due to the size of the AMEL 50, the shipyard decided to dispense with the proven ketch concept and, as in the past (e.g. with the AMEL SANTORIN), to equip the boat with a sloop rig, which is also very easy to operate. Completely new, however, is the use of a double rudder system. This allows the yacht to be steered without restriction even if the boat is heeling strongly, which is not a given, especially with modern hulls with a lot of volume!


Traditional values and highest quality, coupled with progressive concepts and modern lines led to the AMEL 50 being awarded the "European Yacht of the Year 2018" award directly after its world premiere! This highly honorable award was joined in 2020 by the American award for "Best Boat 2020"!


The AMEL and KRONENBERG-YACHTING team is very pleased to present the AMEL 50 to you in detail. Let yourself be surprised by this extraordinary yacht!



15,51 m

14,50 m

4,79 m

2,15 m

20,55 t

5,36 t

126 m2

110 PS (103kW)

650 liters

600 liters

Hull length:

Length of the waterline:





Sail area on wind:

Diesel engine:

Diesel capacity:

Fresh water capacity:




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